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Ben Shaw Socks

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Athletic street designs

We create our socks to allow you to mix ‘n match your individual and unique style

Our designs have taken socks to the NEXT level!

Digital print technology is an Australia first with artwork imagery creating a modern and stylish look. Designed for Athletic street performance with comfort to match any conditions. Ben Shaw socks make you feel fresh while supporting your feet, made from cotton for lightweight and breathable performance. 

Stand out from the crowd, and show your creative side

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My story

Gday, I’m Ben Shaw, the creator of BSS Socks.

I’ve always had a love for fashion, especially shoes. However, I never found socks, to match my bright outfits, this inspired me and started the idea behind creating socks myself. I feel my upbringing and life led me to this exciting point and I can’t believe I am now creating my very own brand.

Let me share a bit of my story with you.

Looking back, I always loved cool things and cool people, looking through dad’s BMX magazines and seeing the sponsored riders from the US wearing the best clothes and having the best looking riding gear and bikes.

From a young age, I was inspired by them and soon started racing myself. I wanted to be one of them, to have the coolest shoes, bikes, and riding gear.

Over the years, I raced a lot of BMX, Motocross, Karting and Motorsport, all with my mum and dad by my side. Throughout these years seeing all the great brands like Vans, Vision street wear, Airwalk, Quicksilver, Rusty, Santa Cruz, Fox, Bell helmet designs, Alpinestar boots, Nike and Adidas got me into the love of cool-looking styles, their innovation in colour, quality, and designs from the world’s most famous brands interested me.

I also got into skating and bodyboarding a lot, and thankfully my mum and dad have always supported me. They weren’t rich but worked hard, sometimes two or three jobs at once, and bought me the most current shoes, boards, bikes, and clothes, thanks Mum + Dad!

My love of shoes started with Vans, racing BMX they were the shoes to have. Then Nike came into Australia, my first Nike's were a $250 pair of Huaraches…. which I had to have. Long story short, I now own approximately 75 pairs of shoes and can’t pass a shoe store without walking in (much to the “love” of my wife 😊)

The vision I had was to create a sock that combined all these factors; everything since I was the little boy you see in the photos below, had been building into the inspiration I have today.

I wanted socks to be an integral part of the day-to-day outfits, combining style and creativity. Socks that stand out from the crowd, support your outfit and that give you that cool look for your unique and individual style. That encouraged me to fulfil my dream of building my own brand that people would be proud to wear themselves.

And here they are, today I bring you the latest in sock technology, innovation, and vision. Our digitally printed technology has revolutionised how socks are made. I designed the socks with thought, care and effort to provide you with our product today. They are limited to give you that individual look and allow you to have unique items that are created for you. Thanks for taking the time to read my story, Ben.

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